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Currently we accept cards + Payeer.com for payments. Easiest way to use Payeer is to register at their website (wallet), add funds and then spend it on our website.

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141% More Organic Views

TikTok recognizes the potential based on your current view count and continues pushing the post to a broader audience. The result is straightforward – more views and faster growth!

71% Higher Watch Time

There’s something about the view count that attracts the attention and focus among other viewers. It’s easy to underestimate this factor, but it should always be in the back of a mind when planning some future growth.

58% More Comments

Main goal when leaving a comment is to bring some attention to you and your opinion. That’s why people are more likely to leave it when they know there’s a huge audience around a particular post.

81% Higher Chance of Getting Featured

TikTok monitors all these factors and when it sees your growth, it’s more likely to recommend you to other users and help you achieve even higher growth!

Excellent and Affordable Service

Is it worth it? We absolutely think it is! It helps you grow your channel, improve the health of your account and become a rockstar!

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