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Currently we accept cards + Payeer.com for payments. Easiest way to use Payeer is to register at their website (wallet), add funds and then spend it on our website.

What you get when you order?

Exact number of Real Followers you order
Fast delivery
Permanent service, Lifetime Warranty
100% Safe Service
Prices start at just $1
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Money back Guaranteed if not happy
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Benefits of Buying Twitch Followers

52% Higher Watch Time

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of the crowd, but people develop their opinions based on other people. That’s why more followers = higher value to your viewer and he’s more likely to continue watching the stream.

31% Higher Chat Activity

People chat because they want the interaction with you and the other viewers. That’s why more followers means more people will see their chat and potential start a discussion so these results don’t surprise at all.

40% Less Unfollows

It’s harder to unfollow when you know there’s a strong community around a certain Twitch account. That’s why this service can help reduce the amount of people who stop following you and your content.

27% More Video Plays

When all these metrics grow, account quality and strength grow. People tend to watch more of your videos, engage and become loyal supporters. This brings more attention to your work and help you grow even more!

Affordable and Worthwhile Purchase

Asking whether it's worth it? We are pretty certain you have a clear picture and you can tell whether this service is for you or not. We've also included the 'Money back Guaranteed' policy if you aren't satisfied with the result!

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