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Currently we accept cards + Payeer.com for payments. Easiest way to use Payeer is to register at their website (wallet), add funds and then spend it on our website.

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Benefits of Buying TikTok Followers

186% Faster Growth

Social Proof is nowadays one of the most important ingredients of a successful TikTok Profile. Being able to persuade other people and algorithm that your Profile is the one worth pushing and spending time on is the key!

93% Higher Engagement Rate

Passionate followers are a necessity when it comes to stepping up the game of becoming a true TikTok trending Star. Engagement Rate is a key metric that neeeds to be monitored and increase in order to achieve that goal.

3X Better Chance of Getting Recommended

As a creator, you are always trying to get recommended by TikTok and their algorithm. That's never easy since you are dependant on many factors so the key is to publish best content possible and prey to TikTok Gods - luckily there are many shortcuts :)

Save Your Time

Shortcuts are always better when they can save your time and fasten the process. Instead of publishing content for years, why don't you spicy it up with this service so the algorithm starts adoring you faster.

191% More Likely Visitors Will Start Following You

When a new visitor lands on your Profile, you have just a few seconds to convert him to a Follower, and eventually a passionate and loyal Fan. That's where our service comes to place because it gives the visitor an extra push and helps him make this decision and join a larger community which helps him feel more confident in that decision.

Affordable Price - Great Investment

Comparing the price and value you receive, it's pretty clear this is a totally worthwhile investment in your TikTok career and growth. Boosting your account in order to increase many important parameters which are in direct correlation with the growth are of an essence.

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